Who We Are & What We Do…
Our proctors and instructors have exemplified over 10 years of auditing experience in retail food establishments, daycare facilities, assisted living facilities, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, tattoo shops, tanning salons and food manufacturing plants. With all their knowledge and experience gained through the work force and master level education, they are fully aware of how to effectively teach and how to explain the information for complete understanding.

Food Safety is vital to public health. We pride ourselves in ensuring all of our students receive a clear understanding of the importance of food safety that is needed to protect their brand. We provide our students with the tools they will need to minimize food safety risks and to deliver safe food to their customers. 

Joanna brings years of food safety and Sanitarian experience both in the private and public sectors. She a Masters degree in Public Health and is a Registered Sanitarian. Joanna is a certified ServSafe instructor who adds a wealth of food safety knowledge to the Facility Fix team

It’s The Law…
Louisiana & Mississippi requires that each retail food establishment have a person-in-charge, an owner, or manager be a Certified Food Manager as outlined in the FDA Food Code by obtaining a food safety certificate for their establishment. It is not required for the manager to be on duty in the establishment at all times, but we highly advise that the Certified Food Manager be present for training of employees and to ensure their brand will be protected.  

​​Food Safety Leadership

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Joanna Hale McGill, MPH, RS

Director of Sanitarian Services


Facility Fix LLC

Classes offered in Louisiana  & Mississippi


  • Food Safety Audits

  • Consulting

  • ServSafe Training

  • ServeSafe Exam Proctoring

  • ServSave Alcohol Training*​                *(Coming Soon)